Bible College in Colorado Grows Despite Economic Downturn

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Despite continued economic pressure and reports of enrollment declines at colleges and universities around the country, Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, CO welcomes one of the largest incoming classes in recent history, with new student enrollment up 39% in Fall 2013.

Students and families are increasingly questioning the value of a college education during these challenging economic times. Reports of enrollment declines across the country are commonplace. A small Bible College in Colorado is growing despite the obstacles.

Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs recently collaborated with The Dysart Group, Inc. in order to increase new student enrollments. The Dysart Group is a nationally recognized enrollment management consulting firm. College leaders adopted a new recruitment and financial aid strategy and positive outcomes are already being realized. In the seven months since new tactics have been utilized, the impact on recruitment has been significant.

  • The application pool grew by 131%.
  • The number of new students accepted for admission has grown by 43% compared to last year.
  • New student enrollments for Fall 2013 have increased by 39%.

Dr. Harold Graves, Jr., the President, has set the tone for the rest of the campus by actively participating in the recruitment process. He has been meeting with prospective students and even making telephone calls to admission applicants to encourage them to enroll. His focus has been on personal attention.

Dr. Laurel Mattson and Dr. David Church are leading the admission effort and have introduced new tactics such as telephone outreach, targeted text messaging and direct mail communication to educate prospective students about the value of a Nazarene Bible College education.

Dr. Graves even initiated a campus full court press in the month of August aimed at not only recruiting more students, but registering more returning students and encouraging stop outs to re-enroll. The outcomes were impressive as the academic advisors successfully registered an additional 116 students who had previously been coded as “inactive”. Targeted outreach, personal contact and proactive education have enabled this College to overcome national trends.

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