Enrollment Management Expert to Speak on Influences on College Discount Rates

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John W. Dysart, President of higher education consulting firm The Dysart Group, Inc., will present a session entitled “Understanding Your Discount Rate” at the largest annual meeting of college and university presidents in the United States.

John W. Dysart, president of The Dysart Group, Inc. will be presenting a session entitled “Understanding Your Discount Rate” at the upcoming Presidents Institute 2012 sponsored by The Council of Independent Colleges. It is the largest annual meeting of college and university presidents in the country. The Dysart Group, Inc. is a higher education consulting firm specializing in enrollment management. The firm has worked with more than 150 colleges and universities throughout the United States. Mr. Dysart will be joined by Dr. Jack Calareso, President of Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts.

Discount rates are an important topic on the campuses of many colleges and universities. As tuition prices rise and federal and state support for financial aid stagnates, schools are being forced to invest increased funds to make college attendance affordable for students. This session will provide information on the factors that influence college discount rates, many of which are more a function of mission and institutional characteristics rather than enrollment management decision-making.

“Many factors determine college and university discount rates. Individual institutional decisions regarding such things as participation in scholarship athletics, missions to serve under-represented populations and competitive academic offerings will tend to increase institutional financial aid expenditures and discount rates. Even market realities outside of the control of administrators such as location can significantly impact discount rates as factors such as operation costs and the relative generosity of state grant programs can make a difference”, stated Mr. Dysart.

The presentation will also help college presidents educate important constituent groups regarding discount rates including faculty, alumni and Board members.

The conference is for Presidents at member CIC institutions and will be held on January 4-7, 2012 in Marco Island, Florida. More information is available at http://www.cic.edu. More information about The Dysart Group, Inc. is available athttp://www.thedysartgroup.com.

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