“How to Recruit Out of State Students” Webinar Announced

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The Dysart Group, Inc. will offer an exclusive webinar for higher education administrators and enrollment management professionals on the topic of recruiting out of state students. The webinar is being offered in collaboration with Higher Ed Hero on Wednesday, November 2.

John W. Dysart, president of The Dysart Group Inc. is scheduled to conduct a webinar in collaboration with Higher Ed Hero on the topic of recruiting out of state students.

There are a number of advantages for colleges and universities enrolling geographically distant students. On average, students willing to travel away from home to attend college have higher standardized test scores and high school grade point averages. For public institutions, out of state students generate more tuition revenue. Recruiting such students can bring additional benefits like increased enrollment, diversity, better family financial strength and these students can fill residence halls.

Mr. Dysart, a nationally recognized expert on enrollment management, will outline the challenges inherent in attracting out of state students. This webinar, however, will offer specific strategies and tactics designed to enable admission professionals to efficiently target scarce resources toward this important population. Mr. Dysart will describe how financial aid, social media, technology and new admission office structures can effectively increase the number of out of state students and offer compelling messages to generate interest from prospective students. The session will identify hot spots for finding students willing to attend college in another state.

The webinar is scheduled to be held on November 2, 2011 at 1:00 eastern standard time. Visit http://www.higheredhero.com for more information and details regarding registration for this informative webinar. More information about The Dysart Group, Inc. is available athttp://www.thedysartgroup.com.

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