The Dysart Group offers enrollment management consulting regarding recruitment, financial aid, retention, pricing and revenue growth at colleges and universities. Representatives of The Dysart Group have worked with more than 170 colleges and universities in more than 35 states.  We have established literally dozens of all-time, historical record, new student enrollments; have significantly improved academic quality and have been able to reduce institutional discount rates by as much as fifty percent.

We offer a hands-on approach with our client institutions. Our purposely small client base ensures individual attention.  We work collaboratively with institutional representatives to meet specific headcount, revenue and academic quality objectives.  Consideration of the specific characteristics and mission of each college or university enables company representatives to construct action plans and implement changes that support the mission and institution-specific objectives of each client institution.

Regardless of the specific issues being addressed, our focus is always on the financial strength of the institution.  Our expertise on all issues related to financial aid, budgeting, revenue control and strategic financial planning ensures that all initiatives are implemented with specific consideration of net revenue and balanced revenue growth.

Representatives of The Dysart Group are not in the business of selling products.  Our goal is to provide expertise, advice and counsel.  Our emphasis is on accountability and reliability. We consistently deliver what we promise and effectively work in partnership with college and university representatives to achieve extraordinary results.

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Enrollment Audits

Representatives of The Dysart Group are available to conduct enrollment audits.  These audits are comprehensive evaluations of recruitment, financial aid and revenue.  We combine meetings and interviews with institutional administrators in addition to detailed analysis of institutional data to make specific recommendations for improvement.

Financial Aid Audits

We are available to conduct comprehensive financial aid audits.  A detailed review of institutional data and materials is combined with an individual visit to the campus to interview appropriate institutional representatives.

Staff Training and Development

John W. Dysart has personally trained literally hundreds of professionals involved in all aspects of enrollment management.  He has made presentations to many regional and national financial aid, admission and business officer professional organizations.  Training sessions have been conducted with individuals and office staffs as well as sessions with entire college and university communities.

Revenue Reviews

Revenue is often the most important component of enrollment management. It supports student recruitment efforts, facilities, physical plant, administrative staff and faculty recruitment and retention, student retention, the endowment and much more.  The growth in revenue makes improvements in all aspects of higher education possible. Representatives of The Dysart Group are experienced in revenue related issues.

Implementation Services

Our implementation services vary as a function of institutional need and may include periodic visits to campus, weekly progress reviews, consistent and appropriate feedback and planning assistance.  We work collaboratively with institutional representatives throughout the cycle to provide support as required to reach established goals.