Financial Aid Audits

We are available to conduct comprehensive financial aid audits.  A detailed review of institutional data and materials is combined with an individual visit to the campus to interview appropriate institutional representatives.  These audits are designed to answer specific questions:

  • Are institutional financial aid programs effectively structured to meet objectives regarding recruitment, retention and revenue needs?
  • Is the institutional award policy appropriate given current market conditions, recruitment and retention goals and revenue needs?
  • Does the financial aid process enhance the enrollment plan and achieve institutional goals regarding quality service?
  • Do representatives in the Business Office and Financial Aid Office work collaboratively to achieve objectives?
  • Are representatives in the Financial Aid Office in need of additional training?
  • Are institutional resources allocated appropriately to allow representatives in the Financial Aid Office to effectively support enrollment management goals?
  • Do effective reporting mechanisms exist to monitor expenditures and process?
  • Does the structure of the award policy along with institutional aid programs enable representatives to accurately predict expenditure levels?
  • Are representatives in the Financial Aid Office making maximum use of technology?