Staff Training and Development

John W. Dysart has personally trained literally hundreds of professionals involved in all aspects of enrollment management. He has made presentations to many regional and national financial aid, admission and business officer professional organizations. Training sessions have been conducted with individuals and office staffs as well as sessions with entire college and university communities.

The Dysart Group is available to conduct specific training for college and university personnel. The following are just a few of the training topics:

  • “Overview of Recruitment”
  • “Overview of Financial Aid”
  • “Financial Aid 101 for Admission Professionals”
  • “Increasing Net Revenue”
  • “Effectively Utilizing Direct Mail, Publications and E-Mail in Recruitment”
  • “Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Telemarketing Program”
  • “Establishing Career Tracks for Enrollment Management Professionals”
  • “Utilizing Research in Recruitment”
  • “Utilizing Research in Financial Aid”
  • “Recruiting and Retaining Enrollment Staff”
  • “Effective Campus Visits”
  • “Designing Institutional Grant and Scholarship Programs”
  • “Essential Elements of Strategic Planning in Enrollment Management”
  • “How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Award Policy”
  • “Counselor Communication with Applicants for Admission”
  • “Strategies for Increasing Academic Quality”