Jim Nolan, Ph.D.

My name is Dr. Jim Nolan, and I am the president of Southwestern College, a graduate school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am writing this endorsement for John Dysart, who I hired to consult with our school around enrollment services, financial aid, recruitment, marketing, tuition discounting, and related issues. I had attended a training on the east coast where, among a handful of presenters, John stood out to me as the most experienced, down-to-earth, sharp, and straightforward professional of the day. I knew we had to bring him to Southwestern College. Well, we did, and John turned the place upside down in two days (in the BEST of ways!) His experience, acuity of vision, ability to listen, absorb, and offer feedback was completely amazing. In a room that included the usual array of skeptics, entrenched-in-the-past folks, and fearful participants, John somewhat easily (I had to reflect, and ask myself if that was the correct word, and it IS) converted the whole organization. No sooner was he gone that we revamped a number of offices, made personnel changes, halted outdated procedures, implemented new ones, and moved ahead collectively with great hope toward a different future we could not have envisioned ourselves. We are still in the process of using what John offered, and I cannot begin to tell you how delighted the entire institution is (including our Board of Trustees!) with the value we received from working with John Dysart. Best investment I have made in many years.

Jim Nolan, Ph.D.President Southwestern College/New Earth Institute

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