Laurel L. Matson

John Dysart has worked with us for the past 15 months.  Our college is somewhat different from most because we are predominately an adult professional college.  The average age of our students is 38, and 85% of our students are enrolled in online programs.  We had experienced more than 25 years of declining enrollment in our 45 year history.  About two years ago we began the process of changing our organization with the intent of unifying our efforts into one united office.  As we worked on re-organization we realized that we needed outside help to assist us in making the organizational and practical changes that were needed.  That is when John came on the scene.

After his first visit, he recommended some immediate, significant changes.  We worked to make those changes as quickly as possible.  John Dysart understood the differences of our institution that made us unlike many of his other clients.  His recommendations and directions helped us to make changes, while keeping our unique characteristics in mind.

The results of Mr. Dysart’s guidance have been impressive.  In the fall term we experienced significant increases in inquiries, applications, and accepted students.  We enrolled 29% more new students in the fall than we had the previous year.  In the winter trimester we also witnessed increases in inquiries, applications, and accepted applicants.  Our increase in new students was nearly 37% higher than the previous winter term.  We anticipate similar results in the future.

John Dysart’s consultation has been a good experience.  It has stretched us beyond our expectations, but has resulted in growth for the college as well as personal growth for all the members of our Enrollment Management staff.

Laurel L. MatsonVice President for Enrollment ManagementNazarene Bible College

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