Faith McCarthy

With the ever-changing and evolving landscape of higher education, ensuring a successful admissions program is imperative to an institution’s survival.  Having John Dysart visit your school to do a thorough and extensive audit of the admissions process will not only be an eye-opening experience but incredibly beneficial in finding out what areas need improvement.  In admissions, we tend to keep doing the same things because they may have worked in the past but changing ideas of higher education mean updating strategies and mind sets to reach prospective students.  Not only is he incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, but he is able to get right to the heart of the issues and offer proven strategies to improve both the process and the outcome.  If you need some fresh new ideas and valid approaches to increasing your student body, I encourage you to have John Dysart visit your campus.

Faith McCarthyRegistrar, Dean of Undergraduate StudiesShasta Bible College and Graduate SchoolRedding, CA

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