Dr. Scott D. Miller

I have utilized The Dysart Group at my last three institutions (I’ve been president of four colleges over the past 27 years).  John is results oriented and not afraid to make bold recommendations.  

Wesley College enrollment in 1997 was 617.  When I left in 2007, it was 3,000.  Bethany College (WV) enrollment in 2007 was 751.  When I left in 2015, it was 1,025. Virginia Wesleyan University:  our remarkable transformation is chronicled in the attached Dwyer Strategies feature– http://www.dwyereducationstrategies.com/the-commonwealth-is-witnessing-a-transformation-at-virginia-wesleyan-university-in-virginia-beach/

I recommend him without reservation. He has produced for me in a big way at three institutions and is one of the most respected college consultants in the business. 

Dr. Scott D. MillerPresidentVirginia Wesleyan UniversityNorfolk, VA

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