G. Daniel Howard, Ph.D., CGFM, CFRE

It is my honor and privilege to provide this reference and endorsement for the outstanding services that The Dysart Group provided to Louisiana State University at Alexandria (LUSA) in the area of enrollment management. Unquestionably, John Dysart contributed significantly to an unprecedented enrollment growth at LSUA, culminating with this fall having the highest enrollment in the history of the University! This feat is even more significant in that enrollment in the preceding 8 years had followed a downward trajectory that was so drastic that it appeared that the University was in jeopardy of being closed. LSUA went from having its lowest enrollment in 25 years in the fall of 2013, to the highest in its history in fall 2015.

Specifically, fall 2013 to fall 2015 enrollment increased 39.01%, credit hour production increased 39.01%, and revenue from tuition and fees increased 51.56%. Relatedly, LSUA experienced the highest number of students enrolling in baccalaureate programs, the highest number of continuing students, the highest number of transfer students, the highest number of out-of-state students, the highest number of international students, the highest number of students in the Honors Program, the highest number of student athletes (in intercollegiate athletics and club sports), the largest freshman class in the last 10 years, the largest number of students participating in dual enrollment in the last 9 years, the most culturally diverse student population, the largest number of students enrolled in large-scale asynchronous distance learning, 100% occupancy in its residence halls, and a 98.42% increase in students taking full meal plans.

Through his sage advice and counsel, LSUA used a broad array of relevant and timely metrics to help make more informed decisions as to resource allocation (both human and financial resources) in the enrollment management area. John helped LSUA revise significantly its recruiting materials and strategies for recruitment and retention. As part of The Dysart legacy at LSUA, the LSUA enrollment management team members know how to interpret and use data for decision making in the future.

Unquestionably, LSUA has benefitted substantially by its relationship with The Dysart Group.

G. Daniel Howard, Ph.D., CGFM, CFREChancellorLouisiana State University at Alexandria

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