Mr. Steve Gehret

John’s approach to the financial aid awarding matrix is a comprehensive financial process for ongoing, timely aid processing and enrollment monitoring. His matrix strategy allows flexibility to target specific SAT/GPA groups with pricing tools that increase tuition income yield over the life of the four year undergraduate student contract. It is adaptable to graduate programs as well. It can be adjusted as needed depending on the enrollment patterns in any given recruitment cycle to maximize net tuition income. In the first year of the implementation of the matrix our institution saw a noticeable increase in net tuition income and a turnaround in our undergraduate enrollment.

John’s knowledge of the awarding process coupled with his ability to understand the net tuition needs of the client make him an effective financial aid matrix consultant. He is highly responsive to customer needs, especially in a complex environment with multiple pricing strategies, and he helped us to streamline and consolidate a myriad of financial aid awarding parameters into a consistent program. Properly utilized, the matrix student aid awarding process is a highly efficient tool to increase net tuition from students.

Mr. Steve GehretVice President for FinanceTusculum CollegeGreenville, TN

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