Wayne Hedlund

We are very grateful to the John Dysart Group for providing outstanding consultation services to our team at Elim Bible Institute and College. John knows how to quickly diagnose enrollment problems and offer proven solutions. He helped us discover several issues we are aggressively addressing, particularly related to recruitment, marketing, bridging the gap between applications and accepted students, and financial aid. John has given us direction and confidence, enabling us to move forward with several enrollment strategies which we are confident will make an appreciable impact for years to come. John’s communication style is authentic, clear and concise. He is not afraid to share his thoughts, but does so with respect and humility. It was very clear to us, early on, that John truly wants to make a difference and is willing to work hard to serve his clients toward that end. Thanks so much John!

Wayne HedlundAdmissions DirectorElim Bible Institute and College

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