Dr. David Fincher

It only takes a few minutes of talking with John Dysart to realize he is passionate about helping colleges make the most of their opportunities to recruit and retain students. Listen to him for an hour and you will wonder why his commonsense suggestions haven’t already been implemented on your campus. But host him for a day and you will receive detailed analysis of your own situation plus concrete steps to take next. We hosted him 6 weeks ago, and by the next day we were already making changes. His interactions with our staff and leaders prompted important discussions that opened our eyes to things we had been overlooking. Whatever you are already doing in admissions, retention, and financial aid, you can do even better. John Dysart can help you get there. The money we spent on his audit service was a wise investment that will be repaid if we recruit or retain only one more student. And I expect the final results to be far better than that.

Dr. David FincherPresidentCentral Christian College of the BibleMoberly, MO

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