Frank Heil, CPA

I have been working with John for the past few years.  I initially researched John’s background and contacted a number of people who have worked with John.  All of the people I talked with had very positive things to say about John’s work.  I found that he is well versed in areas associated with admissions, financial aid and retention.

Our situation is different than most because we are a private university that has a partnership arrangement with a community college.  The difference in the type of students and the different tuition pricing is a challenge to work through.  It became immediately apparent that John is not a “boiler plate” problem solver as we worked through the ordeal.

Our biggest challenge was with the admissions office and John structured a total revision of the admissions operations and added an accountability factor to each of the staff members in the admissions office.  The weekly report schedules that were developed, with the cooperation of our MIS department, allowed us to examine statistics on potential students who showed the slightest interest in attending our University and those potential students who completed applications.  This gave us a proactive edge to keep in touch with all possible prospects and his recommendations provided the structure to contact thousands of prospects.  In addition, financial aid packaging was improved to provide better service, faster completion of the required forms, and a structured follow-up.   The fact that we were under adverse conditions, had a very late recruiting start, but still ended up with the largest freshman class in the history of the school should attest to John’s abilities to get to the heart of recruiting problems.

John has also been a big help with our tuition pricing, conducting campus visits, orientation, and technology support.  He has a direct, no nonsense approach that is coupled with genuine concern for the University.  His research is reliable and he is always accessible.  When he returns calls he gives you his undivided attention.  It would be difficult to find a consultant with the background and experience that would exceed John’s in admissions, financial aid and retention.

Frank Heil, CPAVice President for Finance and Chief Information OfficerUniversity of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College

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